Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Helpful Suggestions from UCLA Blogger "JD"

I recently discovered a website entitled One Fan's UCLA Basketball Blog. I e-mailed the operator of that site (who goes by the initials "JD") and, in return, received some helpful suggestions for my site.

In perusing the "Game of the Century" site, JD evidently noticed my February 14, 2005 entry, in which I provided some links to photographs related to the Game. JD has now provided me with some additional -- and in many cases, better -- links to photographs. The links listed below should thus be considered a supplement to those presented in my February 14 entry.

Two photos are from the UH Heritage Society memory book.

[Link updated 1/6/11]

Lastly, JD provided me with the historical section of a recent UH basketball media guide. It includes, among other things, a special write-up (with box score) on the Game of the Century, a team picture of the 1967-68 Cougar squad, major profiles of Guy Lewis and Elvin Hayes, and a brief profile of fellow Game of the Century participant Ken Spain in the Olympians section.

Thanks to JD for these links, and also for doing a blurb about my page on his page.