Monday, February 14, 2005

GOTC Photo Links

Among the suggestions I've received for this page, one is to provide links to photographs of the Game of the Century. I've been doing a lot of searching on the web and haven't found too much, but these four links are a start:

*The Sports Illustrated cover photo the week after the game (the issue is dated January 29, 1968).

*Panoramic picture of the Astrodome set-up for the UH-UCLA game. It must have seemed odd for the players, the way the basketball court was in the "middle of nowhere," with no seats added between the court and the permanent baseball/football stands. (Thanks to Jason Grimes for sending me the article containing the photo.)

*UCLA Bruins 1967-68 team picture. This photo is part of an excellent, larger website devoted to UCLA hoops, maintained by John Perry.

(If anyone knows where to locate an online 1967-68 UH team picture, please e-mail me the link; my e-mail address is listed in some of my previous postings.)

*A nice photograph essay on the construction and early years of the Astrodome.