Sunday, August 08, 2010

Enberg, 75, Announcing San Diego Padres Games

Oh my! Dick Enberg, who did the television play-by-play for the Game of the Century, is still going strong at age 75. Enberg has done broadcasts of college basketball and other sports for CBS in recent years. What I did not know about until an article in today's New York Times, however, is that Enberg is doing around 120 games this season on San Diego Padres baseball telecasts.

Enberg has longstanding ties to southern California, of course, announcing UCLA basketball, Angels baseball, and then-L.A. Rams football several decades ago. I also remember reading many years ago that, even back when announcing for the Angels, he lived more toward San Diego. Thus, Enberg's Padres gig doesn't surprise me all that much. It is somewhat unusual, however, that at an age when many professionals are winding down their careers, he has intensified his.