Tuesday, March 01, 2005

L.A. Times Article from Morning After GOTC

I've located a copy of the front page of the Los Angeles Times sports section, as it appeared on Sunday, January 21, 1968. Across the very top of the page, a banner headline entirely in upper-case letters rings out:


Jeff Prugh's lead was as follows:

HOUSTON -- It happened!

Some people said it would never be done. Never! Others muttered maybe -- just maybe it would.

So, just as sure as death and Texas it happened here Saturday night. And the king is dead.

The Bruins' play was characterized as follows:

They were not the crisp team with the thunder-clap offense that had been running the enemy into the floor. They were neither quick nor clever; their fast break looked like somebody sleepwalking -- and they could not weather their coldest shooting night of the season, only 33.6%.

A few paragraphs lower, Prugh, apparently enamored with boxing analogies, noted that:

The Bruins kept jabbing and throwing uppercuts -- catching the Cougars at 65-65 and 69-69 in the final three minutes -- but couldn't connect with a knockout punch.

Below the article on the front of the sports section was a photo of Elvin Hayes shooting a free throw.

I will try to track down the Houston newspaper coverage of the game; it's always fun to compare the different perspectives.